Create A Logo For CBD

Make Your CBD Brand: How To Create A Logo For CBD

CBD products are quickly gaining market share in every form or shape. However, designing the ideal CBD brand is a complex undertaking. If you want your Logo For the CBD brand to flourish, you must separate it from outdated cannabis stereotypes and give your clients an engaging and modern branding experience.

So, how does one go about branding a CBD product? In this tutorial, we’ll address all of your questions about CBD branding and show you how to do it right, according to the pros.

The Difficulties Of CBD Branding

Before we go any further, let’s define CBD and why it’s the total opposite of “smoking doobie” in terms of branding.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as well as cannabidiol (CBD), are the two most common components of cannabis, in that order (CBD). THC is responsible for all cannabis’ psychoactivity—the “trippy” sensations, the euphoric “high,” for example—while CBD is primarily concerned with sedation, anti-inflammation, and analgesia. When you smoke weed, for example, you experience both effects simultaneously.

However, recent advances in cannabis research have discovered ways to separate the two components and provide CBD without THC.

CBD products are essentially a new medicine made from the same plant that some people smoke, but that’s where the similarities end. CBD products don’t get you high; in fact, when compared to THC, they’re a lot duller and have calming properties similar to incense-like herbal tea.

CBD is most useful as a pain reliever or sedative, and it is legal in all 50 states when extracted. CBD, for example, is the active ingredient in the epileptic treatment Epidiolex, the FDA’s first “purified medicinal material derived from marijuana.”

On the one hand, it’s an exciting period in medical science, with new cannabis-derived medication discoveries paving the way for new treatments. However, these medications all carry the stigma of marijuana—cannabis has been classified as a Schedule I restricted substance in the United States for decades, and many people still connect it with criminals as well as degenerates.

Suddenly, you’re asking people to think about an “illegal substance” as a revolutionary and beneficial medication. Even for seasoned marketing and branding specialists, this is a huge accomplishment.

CBD is soaring in popularity despite these obstacles. For one reason, the multibillion-dollar worldwide CBD sector is booming: design work for Cannabidiol branding has increased 1,568 percent since 2015, as noted in our Top 4 rising businesses to watch in 2020. This demonstrates both popular support for cannabis-derived medications and CBD companies’ profitability.

The vast range of applications is another benefit of CBD brand design. With the limits on cannabis study loosened, discoveries about what CBD can accomplish continue to emerge, on top of what we already know. CBD has previously been shown to help with a variety of health problems, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

More studies confirming CBD’s health advantages are in the works. Current research, for example, is beginning to show that CBD has a good effect on skincare and cutaneous health, thus opening up a profitable market for beauty products! CBD is becoming increasingly popular in fields other than health; you can see CBD in everything from pet food to chewing gum.

The research is already in place, but CBD branding’s purpose is to convey all of this to the general audience through appropriate graphics and messages.

Three Helpful Hints For Developing A CBD Branding Strategy

CBD Branding Strategy

Let’s talk about some big-picture answers to the difficulties we’ve identified above before we get into the intricacies of CBD branding. Consider these three ideas when establishing your overall branding strategy, regardless of which direction you pursue or target market niche.

1. Make The Product As Uniform As Possible

CBD is legal, healthful, and therapeutically effective, so any concerns your customers may have about marijuana are unfounded. Treat your CBD marketing and products the same way you might any other. Customers will follow you if your branding portrays CBD as if it were any other medicine (which it is). That’s the first step toward separating it from the “recreational drug” label.

2. To Fight Unfavorable Stereotypes, Use Brand Values As Well As Engaging Stories

When it comes to CBD brand design, you must retain the level of professionalism that one would expect from the pharma industry, even if that means overcompensating to counteract negative connotations.

To demonstrate that you’re not shady, embellish your brand values and put your business practices on broad display. Any sector can benefit from brand narratives, such as a relatable tale about how you started your business. They’re incredibly successful for CBD companies as a method to get right up close with clients who would rather stay away from cannabis items.

3. Choose A Path: Medical Or Leisure!

Trying to do both pushes your brand in two distinct directions. Medical and recreational items have two different approaches to branding; therefore, attempting to do both pulls your company in two opposite positions. Instead, choose one and sink your teeth into it.

One choice may be more appropriate for your goods than the other. Focus on the medicinal benefits of CBD in your branding if your product is about that.

If your product is more beneficial for wellness and recreational purposes, you can target people similarly to how health-food, aromatherapy, and holistic companies do. Take a peek at the logo for MUHU, a unique CBD-infused gin.

Best Practices For Creating A Strong CBD Brand

CBD branding aligns with the best practices for cannabis marketing in general in specific ways. Normalizing and legitimizing cannabis products is a challenge for all cannabis products, not only CBD. However, because CBD is different from the rest of the cannabis markets, few details are considered.

Logos For CBD Products

How To Create A Logo For CBD

Your CBD brand’s face is your logo. It should use images, color, font, and shapes to communicate your brand’s core and what your business is all about. Your Cannabis logo should show your brand’s emphasis at a glance, no matter what it is.

The most acceptable forms, typefaces, and colors for your CBD company logo are determined by your company’s personality. In a nutshell, friendlier, more relaxed, and inviting are rounder lines, hand-drawn blemishes, and brighter, warmer hues. Straight lines, crisp edges, and more flexible, neutral shades, on the other hand, are more official and convey professionalism and efficacy.

Because logo creation is an art form, don’t be afraid to hire an expert to help you create the perfect logo. Your brand values and message can be turned into a logo that precisely summarizes your brand by a professional designer.

Colors To Use For CBD Branding

Naturally, if you want to emphasize your product’s links to its natural roots, green is indeed the way to go.

Green is the color most closely associated with cannabis, as it conjures up images of the plant and the “natural” and “ecological” qualities associated with organic products.

If you’re pursuing the medicinal route and trying to appeal to folks who never used cannabis, the typical colors of a health sector, blue and white, would be a better choice. White connotes sterility and virtue, while blue connotes trust and a friendly atmosphere.

Cannabidiol brands with a well-being and lifestyle focus may seek to stand out in a crowd and take a different approach. Distinct CBD firms with specific brand identities can use bright, luminous colors, relaxing pastels, or even aggressive, edgy grey areas and black areas.

For CBD Branding, The Best Font Is Used

Like your color theme, your font should reflect your brand’s personality. Expensive, even hand-drawn fonts are acceptable for casual, welcoming brands. On the other hand, an elegant serif font appears more high-end and trustworthy if you’re targeting more existing markets and would like to appeal to the health and well-being niche. For more professional, science-focused CBD brands, clean and sleek sans serif fonts are a fantastic choice.

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Web Design For CBD

Web Design For CBD Product

Customers are drawn to the most excellent CBD websites because they provide a seamless and visually appealing experience. Your CBD website, based on your logo and existing brand assets, should consider all aspects of your brand and employ the proper pictures, illustrations, layout, font, colors, and a brand voice throughout the entire website in a consistent manner.

Packaging For CBD Products

CBD packaging is an integral part of your product’s branding. Because it is what your consumers will touch in their hands, it can make or ruin the brand experience. CBD packaging must be professional-looking, appealing to the eye, and functional simultaneously, which is no easy feat.

Packaging For CBD Products